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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hiring Center | Powered by Monster.com

Hiring Center Powered by Monster.com: "You Got Attitude!

All employees have attitudes that can positively--or negatively--affect the performance of your company. Here's how to determine what your employees' attitudes are and how to use this information to ensure they're fulfilled by--and productive in--their work.

By Will Helmlinger

Visualize a cartoon showing a man dressed in a business suit ready to leave for work. With his hand on the doorknob, he says to his wife, 'If I'm not back in 15 minutes, it means I got on the bus and went to work.'

How many people go to work with an attitude similar to this? When did you-- or your employees--last feel this way? Are they wishing Monday morning were actually Friday afternoon?

We all have attitudes. However, are your employees bringing the right attitudes and motivations to the job? Misdirected and inappropriate attitudes will impact your company and bottom line.

In the late 1990s, our company participated an international study that examined the attitudes of one job category. This research led to the discovery that 92% of top sales professionals in both the U.S. and Germany had the same key attitudes and motivations. This compelling statistic revealed that appropriate attitudes/internal motivations impacted job performance. Even today, this statistic hold true!

So how can you determine and gauge your employees' attitudes, and subsequently, the possible affect they might have on your company? Here's a four-step plan that will help you determine your employees' attitudes. "

Note: Read the rest of this informative article and do a little checking around the water cooler. Perhaps your sales team needs a little pick me up or attitude adjustment?

Call Canadian Sales Trainer Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey for help. He can help equip and motivate your sales team to succeed!

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Friday, June 23, 2006

The Resource: Who's Your Sales & Marketing Mentor? Everyone Needs one!

The Resource: Who's Your Sales & Marketing Mentor? Everyone Needs one!: "Who's Your Sales & Marketing Mentor?

Everyone needs one!
(n) mentor, a wise and trusted guide and advisor
(v) mentoring, a tool to nurture and grow people
Whether you're a novice in sales and marketing, or a veteran with years of experience, having a mentor can drastically impact your success. In fact, according to ASTD (American Society for Training & Development): 75% of executives point to mentoring as playing a key role in their careers.

Productivity increased by 88% when mentoring was involved, versus only a 24% increase with training alone.

71% of Fortune 500 companies use mentoring to ensure learning occurs in their organizations.

With these stats, anyone can see the value of a mentor. The more challenging issue is finding yours! Whether you look for a mentor inside your company or from a third-party, consider the following when selecting your own sales and marketing mentor:

Experience. Look for a mentor who has a lot of experience with sales and marketing (both strategic and tactical). Be sure the mentor has a reputation for success, but don't eliminate someone who has had a few failures (sometimes our greatest lessons come from failures).

Time and Style. Consider a mentorship program that matches the mentor's available time with your own. The best mentors will provide relevant information to you, as well as be there for you to bounce ideas off or anwer your questions. They should challenge you, while at the same time support you. Make sure your choice of a mentor suits the style and time demands you have.

Resources. A strong mentorship relationship will include a number of different elements — from education, to guidance, to one-on-one interaction. Choose a mentor who has the resources to create a program from this holistic standpoint.

Having a mentor can make a HUGE difference in your sales and marketing success. Even with the above tips, finding the right individual can be tough. That's where MarketSHARE comes in. MarketSHARE is the only online sales and marketing mentorship—ANYWHERE—to integrate the magic of marketing with the science of sales. "

Note: Over the years I have worked with several leaders who mentored my growth and success. Their insights were invaluable - their friendship and support more so... As an executive and leadership business coach I bring that drive and passion to assist my clients as they seek to equip and motivate their employees to win.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My (Long) Day At the Top

My (Long) Day At the Top: "From: Issue 106 June 2006 Page 64 By: Jennifer Reingold

The lightning bolt wasn't a great sign. My first day on the job, and I was already losing control: A string of emails demanded split-second decisions for problems I had only just heard about; I needed to pull together a business-plan presentation for a product I had never laid eyes on; a rabid reporter lurked outside my door. Then, the single, jagged flash shot across my window. I gulped my Diet Dr Pepper. Maybe I wasn't meant to be an executive after all.

Not that I ever really thought I was. Sure, I've been covering management and leadership for 10 years, lambasting and lionizing executives, dismissing their best-laid plans with a few cutting words and anointing their successors with a few sparkling ones. But my actual experience with leading and managing has remained largely theoretical. Ironic? Sure, but I liked that.

Still, we all have to grow up sometime. So when Richard Wellins, an SVP at human-resources consulting firm Development Dimensions International (DDI), invited me to its intensive one-day 'operational executive platform'--a simulation used to screen potential job candidates or identify and develop stars already in-house--I jumped at the chance. Over the course of one full day, I'd make strategic decisions, launch a new product, and deal with the challenges a boss typically faces. I'd be thrown curveballs by company brass, employees, customers, and media alike (all role-played by trained assessors). "

NOTE: This is a must read for any practicing leader. By practicing I mean growing on the job which is one of the more fun things about leadership - school is never out.