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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mark LeBlanc rocks as NSA's new president

My friend and small business success cheerleader, Mark LeBlanc assumed the presidency of the National Speakers Assocation in San Diego. Mark... you rock.

Mark LeBlanc has been a long time member of the NSA and reminded those of us in the audience that it was the National 'Speakers' Association, not the national consultants, or make money in your pj's association. I say... preach it brother...

Mark set forth his goal as a return to this focus in our business. Not that doing consulting, writing, or other activities is wrong... many of us successfully do these to support our clients and extend our reach... but that we need to keep focused on who we are to grow our association.
Mark has been a leader in our industry for many years and now he will rock as NSA's president for 2007-2008.

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Mark Sanborn honored with Cavett in San Diego

My friend and long time encourager Mark Sanborn was surprised with the honor of being this year's Cavett award winner. The Cavett is given by the National Speakers Association to one of their members who best lives the 'spirit of Cavett'. Mark certainly does that. Mark is an extremely generous man with his wisdom, his encouragement and his leadership. That has been the case in my life and my interaction with him over the past decade.

Way to go Mark! We love you....

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